Lunch Packages

When your pressed for time and need to serve an impressive luncheon just pick one of our fantastic combinations and you are set to go.

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Individual Meal in One

$9.95 each The perfect meal in one for conferences, meetings, staff lunches or even just a grab on the run meal. Please indicate any dietary requirements at time of ordering and we will be in touch if we cannot accommodate. The daily me... read more

$9.95 plus GST

Light & Tasty

$11.95 per person Triangle Point Sandwich (3/4) Satay Chicken Skewer (gf) (df) (1) Thai Vegetable Spring Roll (v) (1)... read more

$11.95 plus GST

Sandwich Safari

$11.95 per person Tortilla Wrap (1/2) Urban Bite (1) Triangle Point Sandwich (1/2)... read more

$11.95 plus GST

For All Occasions

$15.95 per person Mixed Bakery Rolls + Breads (1.25) Chefs Assortment Bamboo Salad Boat (1)... read more

$15.95 plus GST

Traditional & Timeless

$16.40 per person Individual Quiche (1) Two Plattered Salad’s of choice (1)... read more

$16.40 plus GST

Fork & Talk

$16.95 per person Meal In One of the Day (gf) (1) *(vege available) Dinner Roll + Butter Portion (1)... read more

$16.95 plus GST

The Urban Grazer

$18.50 per person Sourdough Panini (3/4) Chefs Assortment Bamboo Salad Boat (1) Blue Cheese & Caramelised Onion Arancini (v) (1) Miniature Frittata (v) (gf) (1)... read more

$18.50 plus GST

Gluten Free & Dairy Free (gf) (df)

$18.80 per person Quinoa Roll (gf) (df) (1) Antipasto Skewer (v) (gf) (df) (1) Sushi Roll (gf) (df) (1)... read more

$18.80 plus GST

Healthy Is The New Black

$18.95 per person Tortilla Wrap (1) (gf add $1) Vege Rice Paper Roll (v) (gf) (df) (1) Cheesy Pumpkin Miniature Frittata (v) (gf) (1) Satay Chicken Skewer (gf) (df) (1)... read more

$18.95 plus GST

International Entertainer

$19.95 per person Smoked Lemon & Herb Chicken Tenderloin (gf) (df) (1) Finger Sandwich (1) Vege Sushi Roll (v) (gf) (df) (1) Mini Potato & Mushroom Rosti (v) (gf) (1) Fresh Prawn Pipette (gf) (df) (1) Chefs Assortment Bamboo Sal... read more

$19.95 plus GST