Breakfast / AM+PM Tea Cold

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Muesli cookie (vegan)(df)

(1 item pp - min 6) The perfect accompaniment to your tea & coffee package.... read more

$2.50 + GST

Mixed bakery collection

(1 item per serve) A selection of our favourite mini sweet & savoury pastries. Assortment may include: muffins danish pastries cheese & tomato croissants pain au chocolat ... read more

$3.50 + GST

Mini muffins

(1 item per serve) Mini bite sized muffins. Assortment may include: apple & cinnamon mixed berry chocolate & hazelnut caramel nut lemon ... read more

$2.95 + GST

Mini danish pastries

(1 item per serve) Freshly baked french pastries with seasonal fruits. Assortment may include: apple apricot blueberry ... read more

$3.75 + GST

Apple & cinnamon sweet pastry tacos (vegan)

(1 item per serve) Miniature hand-filled pastry tacos... read more

$2.95 + GST

Mini pain au chocolat

(1 item per serve) Freshly baked chocolate filled croissants... read more

$3.20 + GST

Banana Bread

(1 serve = half a slice) Served with house made lemon curd... read more

$3.75 + GST

Banana & walnut loaf (vegan)(df)

(1 item per serve) This vegan bread is so moist and delicious it can be served on its own!... read more

$7.50 + GST

Pint sized pancake stacks

(1 item pp - min 6) Nutella, coconut & salted pretzel Peanut butter & jelly... read more

$2.95 + GST

Mini savoury muffins

(1 item per serve) For those who don't have a sweet tooth & prefer a savoury option. Assortment may include: sundried tomato, zucchini & feta cheese & chive beetroot & carrot pa... read more

$3.95 + GST