Breakfast / AM+PM Tea Cold

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Yoghurt cup (gf)

(1 item per serve)Vanilla yoghurt cups with assorted fruit compotespassionfruit raspberry mango ... read more

$5.50 + GST

Coconut chia pudding (vegan)(gf)(df)

(1 item per serve)Coconut chia pudding, seasonal fruit compote & toasted coconut... read more

$5.95 + GST

Assorted cakes & slices

(1 item per serve)Assortment may include:carrot & walnut cake banana cake caramel slice chocolate mud cake lamington ... read more

$3.50 + GST

Raw paleo slice (vegan)(gf)(df)(egg free)

(1 item per serve)These are your go to for your dietary needs. Assortment may include:coconut bounty paleo crunch choc nut ... read more

$4.95 + GST

Gluten free chocolate fudge brownie (gf)

(1 item per serve)Irresistible...... read more

$2.95 + GST

French profiteroles

(1 item per serve)Bite sized choux pastries filled with creme patissiere & assorted chocolate toppings... read more

$3.70 + GST

Petite lemon curd tarts

(1 item per serve)Home made lemon curd in a sweet pastry base. Perfect for high tea!... read more

$2.95 + GST

Gluten free florentines (gf)

(1 item per serve)Flaked almond biscuit with chocolate, toffee & cherries... read more

$3.95 + GST

Melting moments

(1 item per serve)Melt in your mouth shortbread biscuit with assorted buttercream fillingsclassic lemon chocolate & salted caramel raspberry & passionfruit ... read more

$3.20 + GST

Handmade cookies

(1 item per serve)Assortment may include:traditional shortbread double choc chip mixed nut shortbread ... read more

$2.50 + GST