Breakfast, Morning & Afternoon Tea

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Edamame cups (vegan)(gf)(df)(n)

(1 cup pp - min 6) Lightly boiled and perfectly salted, these young soybeans are not only delicious but are also packed with a nutritional punch.... read more

$2.95 + GST

Dried fruit & nut cups (vegan)(gf)(df)

(1 cup pp) A nourishing snack to help get you through the day!... read more

$3.50 + GST

Banana & walnut loaf (vegan)(df)

(1 item pp) This vegan bread is so moist & delicious it can be served on its own!... read more

$7.95 + GST

Black forest mousse cups (vegan)(gf)(df)(n)

(1 cup pp - min 6) Avocado is the secret ingredient in this deceivingly indulgent yet healthy treat suitable for any time of the day!... read more

$4.95 + GST

Granola yoghurt cup (gf)

(1 item per serve) Vanilla yoghurt with gluten free granola... read more

$5.50 + GST

Yoghurt cup (gf)

(1 item per serve) Vanilla yoghurt cups with assorted fruit compotes passionfruit raspberry mango ... read more

$5.50 + GST

Breakfast box

Each box contains: Mini ham & cheese croissants (1) Mini muffin Mini fruit salad cup (vegetarian available on request)... read more

$9.95 + GST

Raspberry filled croissant (vegan)(df)

(1 item pp - min 6) A substantial treat that is jam packed with a delicious raspberry filling... read more

$6.95 + GST

Guilt free snack packs (vegan)(gf)(df)(n)

(1 snack pack pp - min 6) Individual vegetable & hummus dip snack packs... read more

$4.95 + GST
$7.95 + GST