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Melbourne Cup Catering

Every year Melbourne Cup Catering is arranged with great care and attention, and people throwing parties get a great deal of enjoyment just from planning for the big day. Catering such a big event takes lots of preparation and planning, so if you are thinking of doing your own Melbourne Cup Catering, you may quickly find yourself in over your head. It’s much easier to hire a professional catering service that can take on the responsibility of the whole arrangement. It’s best to hire a Melbourne Cup Caterer with experience with Catering Melbourne Cup parties, such as Melbourne Cup Catering Sydney, one of Australia’s top catering companies. When you are going to arrange any big event with the help of a professional catering service, it’s very important to hire a company that has plenty of previous experience in that type of event. Melbourne Cup Catering Sydney can cater any type of Melbourne Cup party..

As the day is very special, and you don’t want to take any chances, you should contact Melbourne Cup Catering Sydney (or your local Melbourne Cup caterer) as early as possible. This will ensure that you can book your party with them while they’re still available. There’s a lot of demand for the best catering service provider, and you want to be sure to call them in time.

Melbourne Cup Catering needs to be even more elegant and unique than other occasions, so Melbourne Cup Catering Sydney has formulated their menu and catering packages accordingly. Melbourne Cup Catering Sydney offers several menus for Melbourne Cup Day like the general Melbourne Cup luncheon, corporate Melbourne Cup luncheon, traditional afternoon tea and many more. Melbourne Cup Catering Sydney offers one of the broadest collections of food not only in Australia, but throughout the world. Whatever type of Melbourne Cup party you’re thinking of throwing, they can create a suitable menu that will delight you and your guests.


North Ryde Office Catering

Flavours Catering’s North Ryde Office Catering!

Flavours Catering’s North Ryde Office Catering prides us in offering our professional service and the expert management and planning of various types of events such as weddings, communions, family get-togethers, reunions, banquets, birthdays, business meetings and formal or informal outdoor events. Our valuable years of experience in the North Ryde Office Catering industry deserves us our reputation as one of the top North Ryde Office Catering providers in North Ryde and surrounding areas.

Flavours Catering North Ryde Office Catering accommodates all clients with regards to every detailed aspect of their individual and unique preferences of North Ryde Office Catering. We even focus the ingredients of our meals on the specific dietary requirements of our clients and believe in using only the most superior and fresh quality products. We purchase our products from approved and reputed suppliers and hygiene is very high on our priority list.

Flavours Catering + Events values the highest satisfaction of our customers and believes in a superior and efficient service. Our service is highly regarded by our clients as professional, friendly and accommodating on all levels. The preparation of every meal is specialised to meet the unique preferences of each client. It is the vision of Flavours Catering + Events to often hear the name of our company on the praising lips of our clients and we will walk the extra mile to accomplish the satisfaction of our valuable clients.

It will be a privilege to serve our North Ryde Office Catering lunch menus to employees of big companies with prompt and efficient delivery. We closely monitor the activities of our drivers who are responsible for the deliveries and at all costs avoid late deliveries or items that are missing on our clients’ orders. A contact person will be assigned to every client who will professionally render assistance to clients who have questions or complaints about the food or the delivery of the food. Flavours Catering + Events has our fingers on the tab twenty four hours on the clock to guarantee the satisfaction of every invaluable client!


North Ryde Corporate Catering

Flavours Catering has been serving excellent North Ryde corporate catering for over ten years.

The formal atmosphere of a North Ryde corporate catering event is sure to be enhanced by special dishes made by our highly trained chefs. We can also provide staff and equipment hire for your corporate meeting.

What makes us special are all the different the people out there who avail themselves of our North Ryde corporate catering services. We can create an appropriate menu for any budget, so we serve companies of all sizes. North Ryde Corporate Catering events are challenging due to the serious and formal setting. Our team of wait staff, on-site chefs and event managers project the appropriate demeanor for your boardroom events, however, if it’s drop off North Ryde corporate catering you require, we also have you covered with professional and reliable delivery drivers who will deliver your platters and unwrap them ready to serve.

When your North Ryde corporate catering executives are working hard, they demand modern, nourishing food that can keep them going. At Flavours, we have a variety of dishes from gourmet sandwich platters to hot lunches that your team is sure to enjoy. Flavours Catering’s world-class cuisine is sure to impress important clients and top executives alike. We offer several wholesome menus for your convenience, but we also encourage you to create a custom menu that perfectly suits your needs.

A high profile North Ryde corporate catering business event becomes more polished with our catering services. When you bring in Flavours Catering, you won’t have to worry about the details. Our event planners will make sure that you plan for every contingency. We’ll go over your food and beverage choices, as well as your staffing and equipment needs. We can deliver your North Ryde Corporate Catering order ready to serve if you prefer not to hire any staff for your boardroom meeting.

So put your best foot forward by choosing Flavours Catering for all your North Ryde corporate catering needs. We’ll make sure that your boardroom event reflects the utmost professionalism.


Successful City2Surf 2017 Corporate Marquee!

City 2 Surf Corporate Catering Packages
City to Surf Catering

It’s time to start planning for your company’s City2Surf 2017 corporate marquee catering.

Sydney’s favourite sporting event is on Sunday, August 10 this year. You’re going to want to feed your entire corporate team a post-race meal that will dazzle them. And who better to turn to for City2Surf 2017 corporate marquee catering than Flavours Catering + Events? We can bring the same great-looking, great-tasting food to your City2Surf2017 Corporate marquee that we bring to your conference rooms and product launches.

Lavish Luncheon

Our friendly team of event planners will work with you to develop a custom menu for your City2Surf 2017 corporate marquee catering, with the same flexibility and quality of service that we provide for all your corporate events. We can work with your tastes, needs and budget. We understand that with a large corporate team, you’ll have to accommodate a wide variety of dietary restrictions and taste preferences. We offer gourmet and simple menu items, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free menu items, so that everyone under your tent will be able to find something to satisfy their tastes and needs. We can help you make sure that all your City to Surf 2017 corporate marquee guests are happy with the catering. We also guarantee that your guests won’t go hungry, even with the big appetites they’ll build up during the race.

We do more than just barbecues for City to Surf. If you’d rather throw a party instead of a barbecue in your City to Surf 2017 corporate marquee, we can provide the same catering for City to Surf as we do for parties and events all year round. From finger foods to sandwiches, buffets and feasting stations, we can do it all. We can even provide a formal sit-down meal for your corporate team in your marquee, if that’s what you want.

You could even opt for a combination of meal types. Why not order sandwiches and lunch combos for the team setting up your City2Surf 2017 corporate marquee? Wouldn’t it be lovely to offer canapés and finger food to early finishers who arrive at the tent before the main meal is ready? If your corporate team is also doing charitable fundraising in conjunction with City2Surf 2017 corporate marquee, why not reward your top fundraisers with a fancy sit-down meal or cocktail reception in a VIP section of your City to Surf 2017 corporate marquee?

Delicious Sweets

When it comes to City to Surf 2014 corporate marquee catering, you want a caterer with years of experience delighting clients and party guests. You want Flavours Catering + Events.

The Sun – Herald City 2 Surf 2014

City 2 Surf Corporate Catering Packages
City 2 Surf Corporate Catering Packages


City 2 Surf 2014 Sydney is coming soon – it’s on Sunday, August 10 this year.

City 2 Surf 2014 entries open on Sunday, May 27, which means that it’s time to start planning your post-event parties and barbecues. And who better to turn to for City 2 Surf 2014 catering than Flavours Catering + Events? It’s Sydney’s favourite sporting event and whether your guests have finished all 14 km of the race, or just spent the day cheering on the runners, you’ll want to serve them with food that’s sure to dazzle them.

Since 1971, City to Surf 2014 has ended with celebrations on Bondi Beach. And after all that running, jogging, walking and pushing, the racers turn to the City to Surf tents for a great end to the day. Flavours Catering + Events can provide you with some great City to Surf catering that will make your barbecue or party a success.

Duck Sausages Meat Sticks

Do you want BBQ for City to Surf 2014? We have a variety of barbecue dishes for you to select, ranging from basic burgers to steaks and international dishes. If you’re throwing a party instead of a barbecue, we can provide the same catering for City 2 Surf 2014 as we do for parties all year round. From finger foods to sandwiches, buffets and feasting stations, we can do it all. As always, you can work with our event planners to create a custom menu for your City to Surf food.

Dare to be different for your City 2 Surf Catering 2014? Call us today to discuss different options to add wow factor to your Marquee. This year City 2 Surf Catering is stepping up a notch, with a small panel of preffered Caterers with only excellence on their agenda!

When you want a caterer for City 2 Surf 2014, you want a caterer with years of experience delighting clients and party guests. You want Flavours Catering + Events.