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Flavours Catering and Events continue to strive toward a zero waste wherever possible, in particular within our kitchen production processes.

We make every efforts to ensure that our impact on the environment is for the better of our planets future, wherever possible across all areas of our business.

Maximum taste with minimal waste !

As a long standing Sydney catering business, in operation since 2004, we recognise we have a part to play in minimising environment harm.

We will make every effort to ensure that our impact on the environment is for the better of our planet’s future, wherever possible in our business practices.

Locally Sourced

We contribute to sustainability through buying our produce and ingredients as locally as possible.

This ensures we have the freshest ingredients available and also reduces carbon emissions by minimising long distance travel by suppliers.

We ethically source produce wherever possible and buy as locally as possible to reduce carbon emissions by minimising long distance travel by our suppliers. We support local businesses that provide us with chemical and hormone free meats and poultry, organic fairtrade and rain forest alliance certified coffee, cocoa and tea products.


Product & Produce

We use ethically and locally sourced products where possible including;

Organic, Fair trade and Rain forest Alliance certified coffee, cocoa and tea products from Santa Vittoria

Direct Fresh Produce who are a family owned and operated business, supporting local producers wherever possible

Wood’s Butchery who source directly from Australian farmers, supporting local producers of chemical and hormone free meats and poultry


We contribute to the ethos of Reduce Reuse Recycle where ever possible by choosing packaging materials that are eco friendly.

All lunch boxes & catering tray bases are made from durable, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable cardboard

Catering tray lids with a transparent PLA lid are industrially compostable

Disposable cutlery is made from plants, not oils & are industrially compostable

Individual hot meals are provided in containers made from rapidly renewable cardboard that are home compostable


We offer all clients the option of washable, ceramic, reusable platters instead of disposable containers at minimal hire cost, for all drop off catering orders.

Flavours Catering and Events offers all clients the option of washable, ceramic, reusable platters as an alternative to disposable catering boxes, along with linen napkins as a paper alternative, glassware and ceramic rather than disposable cups, silverware cutlery in place to bamboo disposable.

In terms of our power usage, Flavours Catering and Events production kitchen and office spaces, has a solar power system that facilitates over 60% of our electricity.

We use gas equipment were possible to reduce electricity use



Within our business we recycle wherever possible to reduce land fill.

Any food orders that are cancelled last minute where the food has already been prepared, we will always donate these foods to local shelters (where suitable) within the community.

All disposable catering box trays are made from durable, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable cardboards. Catering lids with transparent PLA lids are industrially compositable, disposable cutlery is made from plants not oils & are also industrially compostable.

Individual hot meals are provided in containers made from compostable and durable cardboards



We are mindful of energy and utility consumption and minimise the use of paper, water, electricity and gas where ever possible.

Our production kitchen and office space in Artarmon has a 58kw solar system to facilitate 60% solar electricity.

We use creative menu design methods to ensure we are using as much of the raw produce / product as available. We have strict inventory controls in place and optimise producing purchasing to ensure we reduce spoilage and wastage. Portion control and stock rotation also contribute to minimise wastage. Our Chefs are continually working on new and inspiring ways to transform ingredients that would potentially be discarded into usable product.

In the case of unforeseen overprepared food such as last-minute cancelled events and deliveries, we have partnered with local charity organisations to donate prepared food to and in the case of leftovers at our clients events due to lower than expected guest attendance, we provide the opportunity to distribute amongst guests (in compliance with food safety guidelines) to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Our People

Proudly an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, age, race, religion, marital status, sexuality or physical difference.

We embrace and respect the diversity within our workforce which represents a wide range of individuals.

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Catering to Sydney since 2004

As well as our extensive range of food and beverage choices, Flavours Catering offers staffing and equipment hire, theming and entertainment and we can also help with location suggestions from one of our preferred venues. If you need to hire it, Flavours Catering will source it for you.

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