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Shared buffets


Traditional Buffet Style

A traditional buffet is set in one central area where guests approach the buffet and self serve from a range of dishes available. This can be either self serve OR we can provide waiters and Chefs to assist with food service from the buffet.

This is a great option to give guests variety of choice and to serve a portion size suited to them. It is important to consider the placement of your buffet in your event space and ensure that ample room is created for guests to be getting out of their seats and moving around the buffet. Be mindful that time will need to be considered for all guests to make their way through the buffet line.

Family Share Buffet Style

This is a less formal style of dining where all the food is placed to the centre of the table and guests can self serve to their own plate by passing the platters / bowls around the table without leaving their seat.

Family style is a great option to give your guests choice without having to leave the table, faster service compared to a buffet and it brings the guests together in sharing their meal. Typically the main course includes a 2-3 proteins and 2-3 side dishes. An important consideration is the size of and other elements on your dining tables as plates and cutlery need to pre set to the table with space allowance for the shared platters and/or bowls to be in the table centre.

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