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Bread Bored? – Flavours Catering + Events

The Secret to being Sydney’s number one Sandwich Caterer

Everything you need to know is right here in our menus.

Big Brekky Roll + Hash-Browns

Our kitchen staff love making the perfect sandwich. So much so, that they spend time making sure each single sandwich, wrap, baguette, triangle point or gourmet roll looks and tastes delicious.

We offer a vast array of bread styles that allow you, in the corporate world or out, to have variations of the ‘same old’ sandwich lunch. This is why we claim to be Sydney’s number one corporate sandwich caterer, providing you with catering to impress

Here are 5 reasons why Flavours sandwiches are a cut above the rest – and you should choose us to cater for your corporate sandwich lunches!

1 – Our sandwiches are prepared daily by our team of professional Catering staff here in North Sydney – they really know how to create and make fantastic sandwiches. We use only the finest ingredients – freshly roasted meats, housemade condiments, delicatessen cheeses, crisp market fresh salad – to ensure your sandwich is far from mediocre.

2 – We believe that by keeping the fillings simple yet stylish we are able to create sandwiches that allow us to cater for a wide variety of tastes and preferences. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to sandwiches and it’s something we’re certainly not short of! Drawing inspiration from around the globe, our extensive range includes designer rolls, baguettes, bagels, pides, paninis and wraps, as well as traditional sliced white sourdough, wholemeal, rye and mixed grain breads.

3 – Only the freshest ingredients are used here at Flavours Catering + Events to ensure your office catering requirements are tasty, yet healthy. We use organic ingredients where possible throughout all of our catering. For even greater flavours we make many of our own relishes, mayonnaise and jams.

4 – We also believe that creating a visual feast is just as important as making to food taste terrific. We also know that first impressions are important when it comes to sandwiches. We pay meticulous attention to our presentation to ensure your guests are treated to a high-impact visual feast which leaves a lasting impression that lingers long after the Flavours fade.

5 – Each sandwich selection is created and developed with your every requirement considered, and this includes easy handling and eating. There is nothing worse than making a mess in an office meeting, or missing out on half of the catering as it ended up on your lap!

Gourmet Sandwich Catering

You will be blown away with these sandwich lunches – not so boring anymore! Here at Flavours we love to celebrate the heroes of our lunch-hour – The great Aussie gourmet sandwich! We believe that it is all about recognising that the humble old sandwich can range from quick, easy and nutritious to gourmet experiences that are an absolute delight to the taste buds!

Another perk – Flavours changes their sandwich fillings fortnightly! Gone are the days where you dread ordering office catering for a corporate lunch! By changing the sandwich fillings fortnightly we ensure that you will never be tired of the same old sandwiches. My favourite at the moment has got to be the new vegetarian filling that was created by our team of Chefs in the kitchen – char-grilled capsicum, eggplant and zucchini with roasted pumpkin and crumbled feta – they are just bursting with innovative ideas!

My pet hate is when caterers deliver sandwiches and they are soft and soggy – Our sandwich philosophy consists of three little words: No. Soggy. Sandwiches. Our antidote to this crime against sandwich artistry is simple – all sandwiches are prepared fresh daily on the premises by our team of professionals.

To ensure that everyone is happy, we make sure to look after our vegetarians, with 25% of all sandwich orders being a vegetarian option, unless otherwise stated. We are also supplied with the best Gluten Free bread ever to exist – supplied fresh by Deeks. The taste and texture is definitely superior to any other gluten-free bakery products!

With a passion for all things gourmet, all the sandwich ingredients work together to create Flavours and tastes that everybody will be sure to love!

We are famous for our fabulous sandwiches. From delicate three Point Tea Sandwiches to hearty large gourmet Turkish sandwiches.  We have the sandwich for every occasion.

Our freshly baked breads are bursting with generous, wholesome fillings, made using only the finest ingredients and seasonal produce.


The birth of Flavours Catering + Events – Sydney’s Favourite Corporate and Event Caterer

Have a look at our Corporate and Events Menus here.

With the upcoming birthday of Flavours Catering + Events, I thought it would be fitting to write a short piece on the birth of this corporate and event catering company.

Once upon a time… only kidding! About 7 years ago, the owner and Managing Director of Flavours Catering + Events, Belinda Sullivan started making some sandwiches from her kitchen at home for some local businesses. Little did she know, 7 years later, she was going to be head of almost 30 staff members, running the best catering and events company in Sydney!


I would very much like to say that we are going to be throwing a special party here at Flavours for our birthday, but the truth is – we throw parties all day every day! It is definitely a hard life.

We throw birthday parties, engagement parties and weddings, Christmas parties, baby showers and christenings, cocktail parties, office functions, client meetings (they can also be fun!), conferences and training seminars, product launches and funeral services or wakes.

I would like to take this moment to let everyone out there know, that I love parties! All of us do here at Flavours, including our General Manager Chris Watts, who started when the company was just a baby, 7 years ago.

Chris’s role has changed over the years, starting out making sandwiches for those corporate sandwich lunches, and now teamed up with Belinda is unstoppable! He can still make a mean sandwich – and has just introduced the ever-changing sandwich menu, which rotates fortnightly.

Now when I say that Flavours catering + events produces the best catering in Sydney, I do not just mean the best sandwich catering in Sydney. I mean the best everything catering in the whole of Sydney.

Flavours catering + events do anything from:

– corporate working lunches for office meetings
– client meetings
– office functions
– seminars and training sessions
– board meetings and product launches

food tables waiter

We also cater for formal three course sit down dinners, or barbeques, buffets and of course cocktail parties with canapés and finger food.

You name it, Flavours catering + events can do it!

I would even go as far as putting my money on Flavours catering + events having the best catering for corporates and special event in Australia!

As the business developed, Belinda, our owner and fearless leader, had to think long and hard about a menu that included A LOT of party food – a cause to all the partying that Flavours catering + events do both in and outside of the office. She had to develop a menu with Colourful canapés, with Fantastic finger food, and perfect party platters for any celebration!

When asked, Belinda can be very modest and it is likely that you will hear the words “I couldn’t have done it without Blaire” – both herself and Chris, were ecstatic to bring the expertise of our executive catering chef Blaire Cooper on board to the Flavours catering + events Team.

So, now you all know, the long and windy road of Flavours Catering + Events, Sydney Caterer, that brought us to where we are today, a head office and 600m2 production kitchen in Artarmon where we eat and party all day!

Whether entertaining family, friends, colleagues or clients, we’ll provide you with beautiful food and service that sparkles, no matter what the occasion.

Pagoda Stand 3

Engagement Parties Galore!

Check out our engagement party menus here.

We are certainly one Sydney Catering company that knows how to throw an engagement party! We do engagement parties, weddings, birthdays, office sandwich lunches, but most of all, what we do best – Simply delicious food!

Fondue Party

Our engagement catering service will ensure you celebrate in style!

If you are looking for someone to cater for your engagement party event in Sydney then look no further. We understand here at Flavours that most things surrounding your wedding can be stressful, and our main focus is to make sure you have nothing to fear when it comes to spectacular catering!

Whether it be a home party or you need the celebration to be catered in a hall, park or any other venue, we have seen it all here at Flavours and will happily oblige to every need and want you have for this special get-together.

champagne glasses

This past weekend, love was certainly in the air, when we celebrated two stylish engagement parties with our brides to be, Rochelle and Rebekah. Our brides to be, their grooms, their parents, their parents-in-law-to-be, their siblings, their siblings-in-law-to-be, their friends and the rest (I’m sure you get the idea) are still raving about the amazing food – a week later!

Our first Bride to be Miss Garey was ecstatic with her custom made cocktail finger food menu, put together by our very talented and dedicated Event / Wedding Managers, Liz. Rochelle’s favourite? – The Thai spiced king prawn, lemongrass & lime mayo, mango salsa served in a shot glass. Another talented and devoted staff member, one of our onsite chef Phil, made sure the magic happened on the night, cooking the engagement canapés fresh for the guests as they arrived at the engagement party. Miss Hayden also loved her custom canapés, a mouth-watering menu, put together by our perfectly proficient team here in the office – We are certainly on the ball! Engagement parties are one of our specialties.

celebration catered in a hall

If a cocktail event is not your thing and you were thinking of something more formal with silk gowns and fancy hair do’s, we can also cater for formal dining, sit down 3 course meals, with menus custom made by a dedicated event manager from our events team – nothing is too much, we love it!

Your engagement is the start of a long and beautiful journey in life and what better way to kick it off than with a spectacular engagement party shared with your family and friends!

Easter Bunny Visits Flavours Catering + Events!

View our Easter range and pricing here.

Here at Flavours Catering + Events, Easter has got to be one of the best times of the year. There are hot cross buns coming out of our ears – and let me tell you, they are the best buns in town!

giftbox.jpgI can honestly say that there is no excuse for anyone not to love Easter time – Chocolate in all shapes and sizes, a long weekend, warm hot cross buns drizzled with melted butter, giant fluffy bunnies that just keep on giving – what’s not to love? What’s even better is that here at Flavours we decided that because we love Hot Cross Buns so much AND we love Chocolate even more – we decided to COMBINE the two! We have mouth-watering Double Choc-Chip Hot Cross buns available, and for all you eager beavers out there who are wriggling in your chairs, if your order is placed before April 15th we are giving away fantastic gift boxes filled with Lindt Milk chocolate Easter eggs!

I personally, am excited about walking in to work every morning to the sweet and spicy scent of Easter Hot Cross buns baking in the ovens, this has got to be the best job ever!

Trust me when I say you will be loving Easter even more this year, if you give us a call to speak with one of our lovely Customer service representatives and place your order. It’s so quick and easy you will wish you did it earlier, and will probably order for next year too!

Easter Catering

For all you people out there looking for Corporate catering in Sydney this time of year, why not snazz it up a little bit in your office with our Easter Catering. You will make friends you didn’t even know existed!

If you are searching for kids party catering in Sydney, Why not have a try of the home made Easter Cupcakes that are topped with soft and sweet buttercream icing, coloured sprinkles and an Easter themed topper!

Or… If you are planning on having an Easter party in the office or at home, there is no way that you can do it without some soft and fluffy Easter Hot Cross buns or some Charming Easter cupcakes. If you are really keen on the idea of surprising all your friends and family with sweet treats for the upcoming Holiday, and assuming you have a large number of friends/acquaintances, we are also offering discounts for bulk orders.

Best Ever Chocolate Brownies

So whether it be home or office catering in Sydney this month, I am pretty sure after reading this you are all sitting there with your mouth watering ready for a huge cuddly Easter Bunny to magically appear and drop off a basket of Double Choc-Chip Hot Cross buns!

View our Easter range and pricing here.

8 Easy Steps To Planning Your Event

1. Create an outcome

As simple as it seems, have a think about the sort of atmosphere you’d like to create at your event. What do you want your guests to hear, feel, smell and touch? Jot down some memorable events you have attended in the past and identify what exactly made them special. Set yourself some objectives and you’ll find that it will help shape the direction that your event will take.

2. Choose and book a venue

Consider the area and how far is it from the majority of your guests’ residence?

Find a venue that includes tables and chairs in their venue hire fee, if required.

Ask your venue for extended time or next day clean up – you’ll be surprised to learn that most venues will accommodate this request!
If you are holding an outdoor event, make certain that you have a reliable backup venue for wet weather (such as a private residence).

3. Send out invitations

It is very important to post your invitations as well in advance as possible. Ideally, you should also send a reminder via email approximately two weeks before the event.

If you are savvy with Facebook, you may wish to create an event and send a request to your invitees – this is a great way to keep track of your RSVPs online.

Flavours Catering Events

4. Choose and book a caterer

Ensure the caterers you are considering are reputable and are able to provide you with testimonials and guarantees. Ask for a few different quotes from the same company, as you may be able to consolidate all your requirements and deal with the one service provider. Some caterers not only provide food and service staff, but also beverage packages, decor and equipment hire; including everything from glassware and cutlery to spectacular centre pieces and marquees.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or request a change to the menu; for example if the guest of honour really enjoys a particular pasta dish, just ask your caterer if they can do it especially for you! A lot of caterers also offer an event management service, so feel free to discuss your event with them and obtain as much free advice as possible; this also helps the caterer recommend the most appropriate menu for your occasion.

5. Theme your event

It isn’t as expensive as you may think!

Holding an event at home? There are lots of options that won’t break your budget: stick some cellophane on your outdoor lighting; hire some cocktail bar tables; make your own coloured table runners; buy some outdoor lanterns and decorate them; hire a helium balloon tank to create your own balloon arrangement; even an outdoor marquee can be found at a reasonable price if you shop around.

Holding an event at a venue? Ask your venue or caterer to provide a quote for a theming package; afterall, they are the experts and you’ll be amazed at what they can come up with.

Elegant Station

6. Create a point of difference

This season’s latest event trend is “revealing”.

Let’s set the scene… your cocktail party has been going for about three hours now; the guest of honour has arrived; everyone has mingled and had a few drinks; the view has been enjoyed, so too has the food – but some guests are starting to glance at their watch every so often and are likely to be considering leaving .

It’s time to REVEAL something new!

Perhaps open up a secret room featuring a cocktail bar to keep the party rolling. Or maybe reveal a dessert station – pull back that mysterious black sheet that everyone’s been wondering about and wow your guests with a tempting selection of sweet treats and dessert liquors. Why not have an entertainer join the party, perhaps a snake-taming belly dancer, a magician, a singer or even a fire-twirling performer!

7. On-the-day tips

Arrange transport to and from the venue for your guests, such as hiring a bus. This ensures the event will run on time and everyone has a safe way home.

Don’t forget the candles for the birthday cake!

If you plan to be at the venue early to set up or prepare your decorations, bring a change of clothes so you are nice and fresh!
Make sure you know where the bathrooms are located, and if you’ve hired service staff for the event, be sure to let them know also. You might like to consider creating some signage so that it’s easy for your guests to find the bathrooms without asking; if it is an outdoor event, you could even create an atmospheric path to the amenities with a trail of lanterns or tealight candles.

Enjoy the Event

8. MOST IMPORTANTLY – Enjoy the event!

No one enjoys a stressed or frazzled host! Enjoy the night as much as you can and the positive energy will flow through the entire event.

Make sure you greet everyone on arrival. A great way to do this is to have a basket of small gifts with a personalized tag for each of your guests; not only is it a lovely token but it also ensures you keep track of which guests you have seen and those you haven’t!