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Bread Bored? – Sandwich Catering with Flavours Catering

October 26th, 2021

The Secret to being Sydney’s number one Sandwich Caterer

Everything you need to know is right here in our menus.

Our kitchen staff love making the perfect sandwich. So much so, that they spend time making sure each single sandwich, wrap, baguette, triangle point or gourmet roll looks and tastes delicious.

We offer a vast array of bread styles that allow you, in the corporate world or out, to have variations of the ‘same old’ sandwich lunch. This is why we are Sydney’s number one corporate sandwich caterer, providing you with catering to impress

Why choose Flavours Catering + Events?

Here are 5 reasons why Flavours sandwiches are a cut above the rest – and you should choose us to cater for your corporate sandwich lunches!

1 – Our sandwiches are prepared daily by our team of professional Catering staff here in North Sydney – they really know how to create and make fantastic sandwiches. We use only the finest ingredients – freshly roasted meats, housemade condiments, delicatessen cheeses, crisp market fresh salad – to ensure your sandwich is far from mediocre.

2 – We believe that by keeping the fillings simple yet stylish we are able to create sandwiches that allow us to cater for a wide variety of tastes and preferences. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to sandwiches and it’s something we’re certainly not short of! Drawing inspiration from around the globe, our extensive range includes designer rolls, baguettes, pides, and wraps, as well as traditional sliced white sourdough, wholemeal and mixed grain breads.

3 – Only the freshest ingredients are used here at Flavours Catering + Events to ensure your office catering requirements are tasty, yet healthy. We use organic ingredients where possible throughout all of our catering. For even greater flavours we make many of our own relishes, mayonnaise and jams.

4 – We also believe that creating a visual feast is just as important as making to food taste terrific. We also know that first impressions are important when it comes to sandwiches. We pay meticulous attention to our presentation to ensure your guests are treated to a high-impact visual feast which leaves a lasting impression that lingers long after the Flavours fade.

5 – Each sandwich selection is created and developed with your every requirement considered, and this includes easy handling and eating. There is nothing worse than making a mess in an office meeting, or missing out on half of the catering as it ended up on your lap!

Sandwich catering at its best!

You will be blown away with these sandwich lunches – not so boring anymore! Here at Flavours we love to celebrate the heroes of our lunch-hour – The great Aussie gourmet sandwich! We believe that it is all about recognising that the humble old sandwich can range from quick, easy and nutritious to gourmet experiences that are an absolute delight to the taste buds!

Another perk – Flavours changes their sandwich fillings fortnightly! Gone are the days where you dread ordering office catering for a corporate lunch! By changing the sandwich fillings fortnightly we ensure that you will never be tired of the same old sandwiches.

We know you hate it when caterers deliver sandwiches and they are soft and soggy – Our sandwich philosophy consists of three little words: No. Soggy. Sandwiches. Our antidote to this crime against sandwich artistry is simple – all sandwiches are prepared fresh daily on the premises by our team of professionals.

To ensure that everyone is happy, we make sure to look after our vegetarians, with 20% of all sandwich orders being a vegetarian option, unless otherwise stated.

With a passion for all things gourmet, all the sandwich ingredients work together to create Flavours and tastes that everybody will be sure to love!

We are famous for our fabulous sandwiches. From delicate triangle point Sandwiches to hearty large gourmet Turkish sandwiches.  We have the sandwich for every occasion.

Our freshly baked breads are bursting with generous, wholesome fillings, made using only the finest ingredients and seasonal produce.

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