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Corporate Catering in Sydney

October 15th, 2015

What makes a good Corporate Catering Company?

As you may be aware there is a wide selection of Sydney Caterers to choose from, the hard task is finding a company that can tick all of the boxes. Being an experienced at Corporate Catering in Sydney, we at Flavours Catering + Events are aware of what those boxes are, and we do our absolute best to tick them. Our customer service is focused around timely and accurate order confirmations, efficient phone service and on-time deliveries.

When you request a quote for your Corporate Catering in Sydney we know you are under time pressures of your own, so we do our best to get that quote out to you as soon as possible!


As an Executive Assistant the responsibility is on you.

We are aware of the responsibility you have, and the workload you carry. That is why we try to make your job easier with online ordering:

  • Our line ordering is easy to use
  • We have images of almost every corporate catering item we sell
  • All images are taken in house of the actual product you are ordering. No misrepresentations
  • You can easily pay by credit card or paypal on checkout
  • View and repeat previous orders in just a couple of clicks
  • Click here to jump straight to the Corporate Catering in Sydney Online Ordering section of our shopping cart.


One of your greatest advantages when it comes to ordering your Corporate Catering in Sydney from Flavours Catering and Events is peace of mind.

We put alot of effort into making sure you can rely on our delivery service. There is nothing worse that having a group of executives break from a meeting only to find out their lunch has not arrived yet. Our delivery professionals know how important it is that you keep to a schedule and they take pride in providing a delivery service to you that is known for its timeliness and reliability.

Another key area of focus for Corporate Catering in Sydney is consistency. Due to the large volume of imagery we have, this makes it easier to train out kitchen staff on how our menu items should look, meaning when you order a sandwich it is presented in the same way every time – No Nasty Surprises.


Your Corporate Catering in Sydney is as important to us as it is to you, we understand the critical points you look for in a caterer and we make it our mission to turn those critical points into a standard level of service.

Coporate Catering in Sydney

International Entertainer Lunch Combo

Feel free to contact our customer service team to discuss your Corporate Catering in Sydney requirements – 1300 368 605

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