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Flavours Catering + Events


Flavours Catering + Events Helps You Plan Your Party – In 10 Simple Steps

  1. Pick a date and time, ensure it doesn’t clash with any other major events, dates or observed holidays that may affect peoples ability to attend
  2. Make a guest list of all that you wish to invite including any VIP guests, guests of honour or suprise guests
  3. Decide on a Party Theme
  4. Create invitations, send them out whether by post, email or social media
  5. Plan what food you will require and consider any dietary requirements that should be covered
  6. Plan what drinks you will require including non alcoholic options
  7. Plan your music and entertainment, ensure their set up requirements can be met by your venue or location
  8. Purchase or book any styling, decorations or gifts you’ll need at the event
  9. Organise who will set up and clean up. Ensure transport and parking are available, consider any security needs
  10. Ensure your guests can get home safely with taxi’s, a hired bus or Ubers