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Employee of the year – Why Flavours Catering loves our General Manager!

September 7th, 2011

The nominated Employee for Flavours Catering + Events best employee is Christopher Watts, our General Manager. There are countless reasons why Chris is the model employee, and the dedication that he has shown to the company over the last 7 years is immeasurable.

Having worked with food since the age of fifteen, Chris has vast experience in numerous supervisory and managerial roles in the hospitality industry. Chris was the first employee that Belinda took on following the launch of Flavours and his role has evolved significantly; having first started making sandwiches and delivering orders, he now provides leadership and vision to help shape the future of Flavours with Belinda.

Having worked at Flavours since the beginning, Chris has an understanding of the business that money cannot buy, from kitchen assistant duties to customer service calls to deliveries. He has an unbelievable ability to mentor the junior staff within the company especially as they can see that he has come from a 19 year old junior catering assistant to the now General Manager of the company.


Chris starts his working day at 5.45am daily without fail, and is never late, working through until the last person in the office or kitchen has left for the day; this can sometimes be 8 or 9pm. He has never taken a sick day – not in 7 years! He remains good-natured and with a great sense of humour throughout these long days, and allows the work place to be enjoyable, fun and of course productive. Every one of us aspires to be like Chris and respect his work ethics, diligence and astuteness.

Chris is known for his ability to find a solution for any problem that is thrown at him; if he is unable to find a solution right away, time is taken and the perfect resolution is found, without fail! Chris is also known for his ability to stay calm in any situation and with his unflappable nature there is not much that can throw him, which all of the staff here at Flavours are grateful for!

Creativity is definitely in Chris’s blood, which can be seen in the immaculate presentation of the food leaving the Flavours kitchen and the extensive marketing portfolio that he has designed and produced over the past few years. Chris’s impeccable knowledge of computers cannot be forgotten, as this has saved a great amount of stress within the Flavours office on a number of occasions. In addition to lowering the stress levels of his team, Chris is able to use his computer skills to save the company a lot of time and money, as by being able to self-teach computer skills, he can work with photo shop and graphic design programs, website content management and is able to work with the back end of the online ordering system.


Chris has implemented several systems that have advanced all aspects of the business and have allowed Flavours to grow rapidly whilst continuing to adhere to the high standard of customer service and product that is the hallmark of the company standard.

The business dashboard is the first of his creations that requires key team members to report fortnightly through “reporting cards” and allows himself and the Managing Director, Belinda Sullivan, to measure all aspects of the business such as client feedback, team members challenges, job satisfaction, any discounts given, sales figures, wage percentage, food purchases, debtors and creditors, ROI on marketing and advertising technics, average dollar sale, conversion rates with quoting and the list goes on.

The system works similarly to traffic lights, if there is a ‘red’ issue, management must move quickly as something is wrong and must be fixed immediately, if there is an ‘orange’ issue, figures are not sitting where they should be and Belinda is informed immediately of any statistics that are not meeting their requirements, if there are ‘green’ issues, in effect there is no issue as all is on track to meet the projected requirements and budgets.

The second creation that Chris has implemented to make big changes to Flavours was the conversion tracker. This system allows us to track the performance of both the sales team and the overall business. It allows the team and the management to be well informed when they are excelling, and when they are facing challenges.

The conversion tracker has several categories of measurement in order for management to track quote effectiveness and make changes to anything needing improvement. It has categories for quantity of quotes, the dollar figures for the quote and the sale, the follow up dates and points of contact, the event occasion, number of guests, style of event, lead generation source, event date, enquiry date and the date that the quotations were sent.


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As far as Chris is concerned, it is no use having any of these figures if they are not analysed in their proper way. Each one of the measures are used to give the business and the team greater knowledge and provide an understanding of the effectiveness of the quotation process to determine what is working and what isn’t, and of course why. The tracker also measures the teams’ conversion rate and sets a benchmark for consistent improvement.

Not only is he extremely loyal, proven by the near decade he has been with the company at a ripe age of 26, but he is truly passionate about the success of the business. Flavours Catering + Events are justly blessed to have Chris as a dedicated part of the team, and look forward to a future led by a fantastic role model!