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Planning a Christening or Naming Day.

May 17th, 2012

The christening or baptising of a child is a day to be honoured as an introduction to a life in the Christian faith and beliefs.  Any parent has the desire to celebrate this important event as a memorable gathering.  The professional services of Flavours Catering + Events is at your service to expertly coordinate and cater for all your guests attending this noble event.  We take the burden of all the stressful arrangements of catering on naming day off our client’s shoulders and will skilfully plan an extraordinary event for your celebrated christening day.

Parents strive to entertain invited guests and family joining in the celebration of this important event with outstanding food and drinks.  Flavours Catering + Events can give a new dimension to this day and have a specialised team behind the scenes to manage the catering and overall planning of the event.  We give the hosts the remarkable opportunity to enjoy the day and to focus on their guests instead of running around to coordinate the celebration party.

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Flavours Catering offers a diverse range of exquisite menus with a selection of the most favourite cuisines in the world.  Our key focus is on a pricing system that is competitive and affordable and that will suit the budget of all our clients without compromising quality.  We are reputed for our excellent menus and well organised christening parties.  Our attractive packages include flower arrangements on finely laid tables with fine cutlery, decor services, rental equipment and trained and friendly waitering staff to serve your guests.

Naming day can become quite a chaotic day for self-catering parents who need to take care of the new born baby and entertain guests at the same time.  Instead of self-catering many parents opt to make use of the specialised services of Flavours Catering + Events to make this special event stress-free and pleasurable for them as hosts.

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We offer a variety of gourmet menus to suit the individual needs and personal preferences of all our clients.  It varies from buffets, cocktails, barbecues and formal meals to traditional themed meals.  Our team can cater on site as per our client’s request or deliver the food for a DIY style of serving.  If you have any extraordinary request our management team and qualified chefs will customise a menu to meet any of your catering demands.

For more informal meals in a more casual atmosphere we offer a delectable self service buffet which is the perfect choice for a hot summer lunch.  If you have to deal with limited space a great option is our self service fork buffet where guests can interact sociably while eating.  The most cost-effective item on our menu is our high tea or finger foods that consist of appetising gourmet sandwiches, scrumptious savouries tart, pies, delicious sweets and cakes that guests can treat themselves to.  Every item is readably served without any concerns about preheating the food.  Do not be bluffed that this is a boring option as we have the experience to make this option just as elegant as any other formal menu by enticing guests with sandwiches deliciously filled with eggs, cucumber and cress, smoked salmon and assorted gourmet pastries and sweets.
Appetising Canapés can be served prior to any menu.  A barbeque is always a very favourable choice if one desires to make the christening party very relaxing and sociable to the guests.


Sydney’s Flavours Catering + Events assists our clients in selecting the perfect drinks to compliment the food on this feast.  We have a large selection of connoisseur wines and drinks to choose from to accolade the rest of our menus; from champagne to orange juice, to champagne with orange juice, Our selections of drinks are unlimited.

Flavours Catering will take charge of the overall coordination to turn your baby’s naming day into an unforgettable and successful celebration party.  We are specialised and equipped to accommodate any number of guests, any catering preferences and offer full waitering services.  It is custom that most christening celebrations feature as a lunch event or a high tea in the afternoon.  No matter what your preference is for your child’s Christening, Flavours will assist you in making the best choice to make your christening celebration memorable regarding the venue, an astounding menu, the weather circumstances, the formality and a cost-effective budget.