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Planning the Party of the Century!

February 7th, 2013

Pagoda Stand

So your CEO has arrived from the States, and you have been informed that you are in charge of arranging a Black Tie event for 150 of his friends and colleagues at a venue you have never heard of; Your manager has arranged a working lunch where you have a team of 18 ‘selective’ executives all wanting to celebrate the Chinese New Year OUT of the office; it’s the bosses birthday, and the parties theme is “Lady Gaga”.

What now?!

As fun as event planning may be, there comes a time when you just have to stop, sit down and think about how you are going to create a function to please everyone.

This is precisely why the following checklist is a MUST when it comes to event planning. I am here to let you know – you CAN create magical function in 8 simple steps!

8 Steps to Planning Your Event

Step 1 – Create an Outcome

As simple as it seems, decide the exact atmosphere you are working towards for your event. What do you want the guests to hear, feel, smell and touch? Note down some memorable events you have attended and what made them special. Set yourself goals and work through them as you go.

Step 2 – Choose + Book a Venue

  • Consider the area, is it far for everyone to travel to?
  • Find a venue that includes tables and chairs in their venue if required.
  • Ask your venue for extended time or next day clean up, usually they will accommodate.
  • If your event is to be held outdoors – Have a back up plan!

Step 3 – Send out Invitations

Depending on the kind of event you are planning, it is very important you get these done with plenty of time to spare; It is also a great idea to send out an email reminder 2 weeks before the event.

Step 4 – Choose and Book a Caterer

  • Ensure the caterers you are looking at are reputable with testimonials and guarantees.
  • Ask for a few different quotes from the same company; it is amazing how many options one place may have.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or change the menu items.
  • A lot of caterers offer an Event Management Service so feel free to discuss and obtain as much advice as you can from them!

Step 5 – Theme Your Event

It makes a huge difference to the “party” feel of an event if there is a theme in place. And it isn’t as expensive as you think; there are many things that are DIY.

Burger Station DiY

Step 6 – Create a Point of Difference

  • Try and find something that no-one has done before so people remember your event. Perhaps open up a secret room, featuring a cocktail bar
  • Reveal a dessert station, full of sweet treats!
  • Hire an entertainer for the party, a belly dancer, a snake tamer, or even a fire performer!

Step 7 – On the Day Tips

  • If you plan to be at the venue early to set up or prepare your decorations, being a change of clothes with you so you are nice and fresh!
  • Where are the bathrooms? Create some signage so it is easy for your guests to find the bathrooms.
  • Make sure there is enough toilet paper! Especially if it is a public venue.

Step 8 – MOST IMPORTANTLY Enjoy the Event!

Enjoy the night as much as you can and the positive energy will flow through the entire event.