Sandwich Catering with a difference

Sandwich Catering is the staple of every corporate meeting. Sandwiches cater easily to a wide audience. Not to mention they are filling and cost effective. So why settle for anything but the best.

So how do you supply Sandwich Catering for your executives and still keep it interesting?

Flavours Catering & Events are widely considered to be one of Sydneys leaders when it comes to Sandwich Catering. We have a wide range of options to choose from, plus we rotate our fillings regularly to ensure variety.

Your Sandwich Catering options start with your basic Triangle Point Sandwich. Most suited to either a tight budget or a self conscious group, the Triangle Point is easy to eat without making a mess.
Similar to the Triangle Point Sandwich is the Finger Sandwich, a crustless finger of fresh fluffy sliced bread, with a selection of fillings including the traditional favourite egg & mayo. The Finger Sandwich is popular for a corporate morning tea, or as a slightly more substantial finger food item.

Sandwich Catering Sydney - Triablge Point Sandwiches

Finally… Sandwich Catering Gets Exciting

For those looking for something a bit more interesting we have shaken things up a little.
From Artisan Sourdough and Stylish Paninis to Wraps, Fresh Baguettes and Petite Gourmet Rolls. Our premium breads and delicious filling combinations allow you to have Sandwich Catering for every occasion. Mix it up with our Mixed Bakery Rolls and Breads or spread it out and select one variety per day. The Sandwich is no longer the boring background element of your catering!

Our Sandwich Catering Feature Item, dreamt up by Managing Director Belinda is the Urban Bite – Gourmet French style rolls cut into bite sized portions. These are designed to impress!

Sandwich Catering - Urban Bites

Our Sandwich fillings are designed around supporting local suppliers and using the freshest ingredients we can find. Every element is important, from the tomato relish to the traditional smokes ham to the vibrant green lettuce and nothing is used without purpose.

As you can see, the Sandwich has become the hero again. For your next order try something different and see how the crowd reacts. Click Here to order your Sandwich Catering Online today!

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