Taking you back to the simple days. Keeping it easy at Lunch.

In case of an informal business meeting or picnic, catering boxed lunches are very easy solution to your catered lunch or meeting. Whenever you need to arrange any off-site occasion you can contact any reputed catering service that provides catered lunch boxes.

As people are very busy today with their personal and professional lives, they don’ t have time to prepare their own lunch for various commercial or fun events. That’s why recently lunch box catering has gained huge popularity among people from various classes.

Assorted salads healthy petite box

Various professional lunch catering services have introduced lunch boxes consisting of entire gourmet meals with the finest ingredients contained within a very elegant box that also includes silverware and napkins. You can enjoy a range of delicious ready-made sandwiches if you order sandwich lunch boxes on your picnic catering or corporate catering.

For large corporate catering and staff training events lunch box catering is considered to be ideal because of its ease and stylish appearance. In case of various picnic or seminars it is very hazardous to cook foods on site and thats why lunch boxes provide huge convenience for your catered events.

Whatever the size of your order, Flavours Catering + Events can supply lunch boxes to your event whether it be a corporate meeting or seminar.  A good catering provider provides lunch boxes which are packed cautiously, well labeled and includes other additional items like condiments, napkins and trash bags for the convenience of disposal.

Rice Paper Roll Salad Box Finger Sandwich

Modern generations consider lunch box catering as a package of a complete and pleasing meal as everything is packed in a eco-friendly, easily transportable and highly hygienic covering. The prices of these catered lunch boxes are very affordable and you can build a lunch to fit your budget by choosing items which you want to include in you catered lunch box.

You can select various elegant food items like smoke turkey, tuna salad, sliced chicken, Italian pasta salad, canned drinks, cookies etc for your picnic catering in lunch box form. Such types of catering providers use their own logo and food label on their provided lunch boxes.

Delivery Meal in a Box

As a client you also need to find out some facts before appointing a lunch box catering service like their food quality, cleanliness, sensibility, price list, food item variation, health safety aspects etc. We are here to tick all of the boxes and provide you with Lunch boxes that will make an impression!