Antonias Lamar

Honestly I cannot rave about Ken enough. He was efficient and kind, and even was nice enough to decline offers of help from multiple Bohos through the course of the evening.

Especially on the island, he adapted to the changing locations and timings of our festivities and made sure everything was handled from set up through clean up without us needing to think twice about any of it.

He also mixed an excellent Bohito (though I wish we’d had more limes to drink those all night, but it’s probably for the best we didn’t with their alcohol content)! The other caterer was also absolutely lovely, but I can’t remember her name (I met her after a few drinks and a lot of running around, sorry!). They both gave me complete confidence in the food situation which, thankfully, allowed me to make sure the other elements of the day ran as smoothly as they could!

The set up back at Bohemia was lovely. Made for an easy meal for us and there was heaps of food! All of it very delicious 🙂 I had confidence knowing they were around to handle that and am thankful they were here!

We honestly threw a lot at them day of (changing times as well as the difficulty of multiple locations, not to mention one of them being an island) and they handled it calmly and very well. If there was a request they couldn’t fulfil, they explained why very kindly (someone mentioned in passing trying to bump dinner a little earlier which was understandably not possible). We’re a large group and there was a ton to do on the day. Please thank them both for me. The food was delicious and looked beautiful. The drinks were fantastic. The clean up was painless for us. Your team is excellent! Even the pick up Monday morning was simple from my end. They rocked up and cleared out without much of a second thought, which was great!

The only note I’d like added to the account is to request you confirm dietary restrictions with us during menu planning. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to flat out say we have gluten free peeps and vegos, but it didn’t and I won’t be here for the next one 🙁 So I’d rather have an extra check in place if possible!

Again, I cannot reiterate enough how wonderful it all was. If I were to do it again, I’d have ordered a bit more for lunch on the GF side (we ran out of everything! But a few of the GF folks expressed that they wished they’d had a bit more to eat!) and brought more ice to the island (again, we ran out). But everything your team did was fantastic and I was super thankful to have all the clarifications throughout the process. Your calls were welcome and we knew we were throwing a lot at you!