V. Sutton

“I was going to call you to say thank you. Your food was lovely, just right although there was too much in the end but it didn’t go to waste as we took the leftovers home and kept feeding the hangers on who came to our house. Your staff member – sorry I can’t remember his name – was wonderful. He was polite and respectful and kept the food coming with a smile on his face all day. I was wondering if I should have given him a tip. I wasn’t really thinking straight but he deserved it. Thanks again. The best and most delicious things were the lemon curd tarts and the chicken meatballs. The only thing I would say was we didn’t have much vegetarian stuff which is my fault as I should have said that my daughter and a few family members don’t eat meat – there were sandwiches etc but they didn’t get to taste the delicious hot food. Well done, it was flawless really.”