The Wine-Ark


7 – 11 Lanceley Place

Artarmon, NSW, 2064

At The Wine-Ark, we have gone to great lengths to replicate the perfect cellar conditions of the famous French wine caves. Our cellaring facility features an average constant temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, relative humidity of 65%, minimum levels of light and no vibration and a state of the art security system to protect your investment. We have a great venue space at The Wine-Ark called the Tunnel it is a remnant of the days when brick and tile quarries were the backbone of the local economy for Sydney’s lower north shore. The Tunnel had been excavated in 1910 to join two properties belonging to the North Sydney Brick and Tile Company. It remained in use until 1965, after which it was quickly forgotten.

The Tunnel now has been restored to bring a truly unique experience to wine enthusiasts. It has become an integral part of The Wine-Ark’s headquarters, operating as a fully functional wine storage facility and wine tasting and event venue.

With an authentic cellar ambience, The Tunnel can be booked for wine tasting and events with up to 30 guests.