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What event catering options suit your event?

March 3rd, 2022

To keep your event running smoothly, it is essential you select the right event catering option. It is quite easy to get caught up in the event organisation and overlook small details. As a result, the food catering selection might not match your function. You don’t want to be serving steak at a stand-up event, nor ordering finger foods for a sit-down event at dinner time. These small details can make or break your event.

Here is a guide of what event catering option may suit your event best:

Finger food catering
A casual event that only requires light catering? Finger food event catering is the perfect way to keep your guests satisfied without breaking the bank. These bite sized foods can come hot like Southern style popcorn chicken cups or cold like Caramelised onion & goats cheese baby frittatas. This option of event catering typically requires minimal clean up but provides maximum satisfaction.

Buffet catering
Want your gusts to have a full meal but also want people to be able to have options? – Then a catered buffet is what you’re looking for. Buffet catering makes it easier and more cost effective to provide guests with a variety of choices. This is extremely helpful since people have so many types of allergies and dietary restrictions nowadays. The use of a buffet table is a place for your guests to meet and mingle while cutting costs of wait staff. However, it is important to note that it does take time for all to proceed through the buffet which may result in your gusts eating at slightly separate times. It would be advised to hire waitstaff to streamline the process for those more time structured events.

Sit-down dinner/Plated dining
If your aiming for your event to reflect a more formal atmosphere such as a wedding reception or a business dinner, then a sit-down meal will suit perfectly. This ensures everybody’s meal gets delivered to them effortlessly and at the same time. This is especially beneficial for an event where elderly people are attending, as walking around with a plate of food like in a buffet setting may not be a simple task for some. It is important to note that costs of wait staff will need to be incorporated into your event catering budget.

High tea event catering
High teas are the perfect way to celebrate those high-class special occasions. Such occasions like baby showers, bridal showers, and small intimate birthday celebrations. There is just something so elegant about a catered high tea event, from finger sandwiches to French profiteroles , this will be the perfect touch to your celebrations.

Themed stations
If you love going all in for your parties, then a themed station is for you. Weather it just be an infused water station to bring some excitement into the office on those Monday blues or a full Mexican fiesta for a birthday party, everybody can get behind a themed station.

Grazing station
To complete the perfect Instagramable event catering, a grazing table is a must. Grazing table allows guests to choose what event catering they want to eat, how much they want and when they want to eat it. This type of station requires no extra maintenance and can stay out for the whole event (in line with food safety protocols of course).

No matter what event catering your trying to plan, be assured Flavours catering and Events is a one-stop-shop for delicious food, dining wear for all occasions, fun props, talented chefs, and presentable trained wait staff.

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