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Mixed Bakery Rolls + Breads

$9.50 per roundWhen variety is essential, try our famous assortment of gourmet seeded rolls, urban bites, baguettes, tortilla wraps, Turkish pides and triangle points.We recommend 1.5 rounds per person... read more

$9.50 plus GST

Petite Gourmet Rolls

$5.50 per rollA stylish and easy-to-eat alternative to the conventional sandwich.An assortment of freshly baked gourmet seeded rolls. We recommend 3 petite rolls per person... read more

$5.50 plus GST

Triangle Point Sandwiches

$7.95 per sandwichTraditional style sandwiches filled with simple yet stylish fillings using an assortment of boutique bread varietals including white, mixed grain and wholemeal.We recommend 1.5 sandwiches per person... read more

$7.95 plus GST

Artisan Collection

$10.95 per roundA nourishing combination of low GI and high protein sourdough loaves to promote overall wellness. Selection may include: Soy & linseed, Quinoa, Wholemeal and Rye.We recommend 1.25 rounds per person... read more

$10.95 plus GST

Finger Sandwiches

$2.95 per fingerAssortment may include: Salmon + dill cream cheese Egg + cress (v) Mango + chilli poached chicken Cream cheese + cucumber (v)We recommend 5 fingers per person... read more

$2.95 plus GST

Urban Bites

$3.20 per urban biteGourmet French style rolls cut into bite sized portions. Designed to impress!We recommend 5 urban bites per person... read more

$3.20 plus GST

Freshly Baked Baguettes

$5.50 eachDeli-style specialty sandwich made with freshly baked baguettes and packed with gourmet fillings and sliced into easy to handle portions.We recommend 2.5 baguettes per person... read more

$5.50 plus GST

Sourdough Panini’s

$11.95 per paniniThey are super stylish and the ultimate hunger buster! Cut in easy to handle portions and tied with our signature paper these will truly impress.We recommend 1 panini per person... read more

$11.95 plus GST

Tortilla Wraps

$9.95 per wrapMade with a selection of sun dried tomato, spinach, plain and pesto tortillas these gourmet wraps are delicious and sure to curb any appetite.We recommend 1.5 wraps per person... read more

$9.95 plus GST

Gluten Free Wraps & Quinoa Roll

$10.95 eachSpecifically catered for those with special requirements and served on a separate plate. Choose either the quinoa roll or wrap. The quinoa rolls are also dairy- free and vegan.We recommend 1 per person... read more

$10.95 plus GST

Tired of the same old ho-hum sandwiches? Despair no more! We’ve injected some pizzazz into this time-honoured lunchtime staple.