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Great BBQ Catering for Your Melbourne Cup Corporate Party

October 20th, 2021

Catering for the Melbourne Cup is not like the catering for other occasions. Melbourne Cup Day is the time to enjoy the pageantry and excitement of the race. The Melbourne Cup brings the whole nation together, so your party catering should be as special as the occasion itself.

There are many Melbourne Cup celebrations all over the country. When it comes to corporate Melbourne Cup parties, a certain level of quality is expected. Melbourne Cup corporate party catering needs to be as classy, charming and interesting as the host company. A range of foods are available for Melbourne Cup corporate catering. It can be a challenge choosing the menu for a Melbourne Cup corporate party. People always look for something new and innovative to please their party guests. So if you are going to throw a Melbourne Cup corporate party or Melbourne Cup corporate lunch, then you can choose to serve barbecue food to make your celebration fun and exciting.

Barbecues have always been like a surprise package for people of all ages. Who doesn’t like having part of their meal cooked to order? Everyone enjoys a BBQ. Barbecue catering from a reputable caterer like Flavours Catering + Events is sure not to disappoint. Melbourne Cup Day is a time of fun and enjoyment, so it’s a perfect occasion for a corporate barbecue.

Melbourne Cup catering with a difference

If you have made up your mind to have barbecue catering at your Melbourne Cup corporate party, then you should first look for a reliable and reputable catering service with an extensive barbecue catering menu. Don’t rely on a barbecue catering service’s claims alone. Before hiring a barbecue caterer, check their customer reviews and try to arrange a food tasting. Sydney’s Flavours Catering + Events is one caterer who can give you everything you want in a Melbourne Cup corporate BBQ caterer. Our staff has over a decade of experience in providing corporate catering. We will give you the level of quality service that you require. Since we are in such great demand on Cup Day, you should contact our team as far in advance as possible, before our schedule fills up.

Some people have a misconception that barbecue food doesn’t offer as much variation as other types of food, but this is not true. Barbecue catering for your Melbourne Cup party can be elegant and varied. Flavours Catering + Events has a great variety of barbecue dishes which can be served at any Melbourne Cup corporate party. They have barbecue dishes at a range of prices, so you can create a custom menu for your Melbourne Cup barbecue that perfectly suits your budget. Their BBQ menu includes many delectable items for the vegetarians in attendance, and indicates which dishes are naturally gluten-free or dairy-free, for the convenience of your allergic guests.

Drop off BBQ Catering

Flavours Catering + Events can drop-off your Melbourne Cup barbecue catering order ready to serve, or have a BBQ chef prepare certain items to order. That’s the appeal of barbecue catering. The chefs at Flavours Catering + Events put as much effort and creativity into their barbecue dishes as they have for the rest of their delectable menu. Even our barbecue side dishes are interesting and creative. They also have wonderful canapés to serve before the main barbecue and tantalizing sweets for the end of the party. Your Melbourne Cup corporate party guests won’t soon forget the treat their taste buds have gotten.

A BBQ is such a great way to celebrate the Melbourne Cup. Serving barbecue sets a relaxed tone for your corporate Melbourne Cup party, while professional wait staff add a touch of elegance. An experienced, reputable caterer such as Sydney’s Flavours Catering + Events can provide your guests with barbecue catering that will delight them as much as the race itself. Contact us today.