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Mixed Bakery Rolls + Breads

$9.50 per roundWhen variety is essential, try our famous assortment of gourmet seeded rolls, urban bites, baguettes, tortilla wraps, Turkish pides and triangle points.We recommend 1.5 rounds per person... read more

$9.50 plus GST

Petite Gourmet Rolls

$5.50 per rollA stylish and easy-to-eat alternative to the conventional sandwich.An assortment of freshly baked gourmet seeded rolls. We recommend 3 petite rolls per person... read more

$5.50 plus GST

Triangle Point Sandwiches

$7.95 per sandwichTraditional style sandwiches filled with simple yet stylish fillings using an assortment of boutique bread varietals including white, mixed grain and wholemeal.We recommend 1.5 sandwiches per person... read more

$7.95 plus GST

Artisan Collection

$10.95 per roundA nourishing combination of low GI and high protein sourdough loaves to promote overall wellness. Selection may include: Soy & linseed, Quinoa, Wholemeal and Rye.We recommend 1.25 rounds per person... read more

$10.95 plus GST

Finger Sandwiches

$2.95 per fingerAssortment may include: Salmon + dill cream cheese Egg + cress (v) Mango + chilli poached chicken Cream cheese + cucumber (v)We recommend 5 fingers per person... read more

$2.95 plus GST

Urban Bites

$3.20 per urban biteGourmet French style rolls cut into bite sized portions. Designed to impress!We recommend 5 urban bites per person... read more

$3.20 plus GST

Freshly Baked Baguettes

$5.50 eachDeli-style specialty sandwich made with freshly baked baguettes and packed with gourmet fillings and sliced into easy to handle portions.We recommend 2.5 baguettes per person... read more

$5.50 plus GST

Sourdough Panini’s

$11.95 per paniniThey are super stylish and the ultimate hunger buster! Cut in easy to handle portions and tied with our signature paper these will truly impress.We recommend 1 panini per person... read more

$11.95 plus GST

Tortilla Wraps

$9.95 per wrapMade with a selection of sun dried tomato, spinach, plain and pesto tortillas these gourmet wraps are delicious and sure to curb any appetite.We recommend 1.5 wraps per person... read more

$9.95 plus GST

Gluten Free Wraps & Quinoa Roll

$10.95 eachSpecifically catered for those with special requirements and served on a separate plate. Choose either the quinoa roll or wrap. The quinoa rolls are also dairy- free and vegan.We recommend 1 per person... read more

$10.95 plus GST

Flavours Catering has your next lunch covered. We can provide a selection of sandwiches and rolls that are sure to impress.

Are you sick of the same old standard sandwich catering selections at your office meetings? We have a variety of fresh and nutritious sandwich fillings served on a variety of gourmet bread types.

Do you have to cater for vegetarian, vegan or coeliac guests for your next event? No problems. Here at Flavours Catering we can provide a selection of sandwich platters that accommodate all of your required dietary requirements. Don’t see an option you need? Talk to one of our event managers today about customising a suitable menu for your group.

Just found out about a last minute meeting tomorrow? Fret not! If you place your order by 3pm today we can deliver sandwich catering to your nominated address in Sydney tomorrow at the time and place of your choosing. Talk to us today about applicable delivery fees and minimum order amounts.

Flavours Catering can provide a selection of simple sandwich platters that are sure to please your kids at the next birthday event. We can provide fresh, healthy and simple filling options for your sandwich platter catering that will ensure no ‘noses are turned up’ at the sight of lunch!

For your next all day conference why not order one of our all day catering packages? Morning and afternoon tea items will be delivered in combination with sandwich platters, salads as well as beverages if you would like. ‘three thirty-itis will be a thing of the past!

Are you on the hunt for sandwich catering in Sydney? Look no further than Flavours Catering & Events. Our selection of fresh, healthy and delicious ingredients for sandwich fillings are teamed with a gourmet selection of different bread types. We know you won’t be disappointed.