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The ultimate guide to cater for your baby shower!

October 25th, 2021

Baby showers are a wholesome time, surrounded by loved ones celebrating the little bundle of joy soon to arrive. Typically, baby showers are a morning/ afternoon tea event, where light food is provided, however, brunch and lunch baby showers are increasing in popularity.

Although it’s a joyous time, planning a baby shower can be insanely stressful. Between grocery shopping, preparing the food, decorating the venue and getting ready, there is a lot going on. Ordering catering for your baby shower is simple way to halve the stress. You will never regret organising a professional catering service to assist on such a special occasion. This ensures the event will be an absolute success and both you and your guests are full of delightful memories to look back upon.


Before you start planning it is important to think about if you are aiming for a formal sit-down event where you will require a table and knives and forks, or a more casual event where people are standing or eating light snacks on their laps. Your baby shower set-up and theme will influence the food you order. Some cute and simple themes include; Rubber ducky, dinosaur, honeybee, twinkle twinkle little star, floral bloom and classy all white elegance with pops of pink and blue .

You need to ensure the food is pregnancy safe

According to the NSW health department here is a list of foods to not eat;

  • Bean sprouts eg. Alfalfa, mung bean etc
  • Rockmelon
  • Prepacked salads
  • Raw eggs eg. Mayonnaise, aioli
  • Soft serve and fried ice-cream
  • Soft and semi-soft cheese
  • Store bought sushi
  • Raw seafood
  • Prawns
  • Pate

Raw meat

  • Cooked chicken and turkey
  • Processed meats

When catering for a baby shower it’s important to have a wide range of selections to ensure everybody (most importantly the mum-to-be) is satisfied. Nobody will want to join in on those baby shower games if their tummies are grumbling. If you have a large baby shower it might be wise to get tent cards to explain what all the foods are, allowing guests to make informed decisions on what they are eating, especially in regard to dietary requirements/ intolerances. It’s also important to think about if you want to pick foods that can be served cold/ room temperature to prevent a rush to eat the food while its hot.

Sample menu for a morning/afternoon tea baby shower

Sample menu for a brunch/ lunch baby shower


Typically, alcohol and celebrations go hand in hand, however on this occasion the mum-to-be might wish for an alcohol-free event. A great alternative is to have a homemade lemonade stand, mocktail stand or a super trendy option is an infused water & juice bar.

Check out our menu Here to see how we can fulfill your baby shower dreams through our fresh and nutritional catering services.