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Introducing the Nourish Range

October 18th, 2021

Catering with a conscious! Our Nourish range could be exactly what you are looking for!

Since Flavours Catering + Events was established in 2004, we have over the years, continued to see a shift in the style of catering required by our customers. Guided by the demand for nutritious, healthy options, our Nourish range was born. We recognise that good quality, nourishing, wholesome food is critical for maintaining focus and fueling your workforce. This can also contribute to them achieving a healthy balanced lifestyle. It is through this understanding that we offer a well rounded range of meals and snacks that can be easily identified by a specific menu key.

Healthy food choices have become widely demanded by consumers and in turn by event organisers. This is to ensure their guests have choice of what to put on their plate. Not just limited by vegetarian or vegan, our Nourish range includes something for everyone wanting to eat well.

What is the Nourish range?

Our Nourish range focuses on the freshest ingredients, those lowest in saturated fats, refined sugars, excess sodium and high in vital protein, “good” fats, vitamins and minerals. Healthy eating does not come at the cost of taste and satisfaction and this is the primary focus of selecting the right products to be included in this Nourish range. Along with detailed descriptions, allergy and dietary notations, all our menu items are accompanied by detailed and accurate photos. Our comprehensive imagery allows our customers to know that what they see is what they get with no hidden nasties.

Our range of Nourish catering options don’t require a high concentration of processed sugars or salts. These act as preservatives and prevent food from spoiling at room temperature. Instead, fresh produce is the focus in our prepared fresh daily range. Certain ingredients being reduced or removed from ones diet can lead to better health, improved concentration and optimal performance.

What factors should i consider for my next corporate event catering?

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sets your guests up for their day ahead. Give their brain the right fuel with fresh fruit, yoghurt with granola or mini frittatas, instead of high fat dairy inclusions such as butter and cream in many desserts, consider a “good” fat base like in our Black forest mousse cups with avocado as a key ingredient.
  • Replace cookies and biscuits with Dried Fruit and Nut Cups which still provide a sweet fix, without the artificial sugars.
  • Don’t just have sandwiches available at lunch –for those wanting to avoid bread including those who are gluten intolerant, go for our fresh salad range, available in individual bowls or share platters.
  • Deep fried and greasy doesn’t have to be the focus of a cocktail party, we have a wide range of Nourish canape items made in house with the freshest of ingredients, including one of our personal favourites corn fritter with mango and chill mayo and micro salad.
  • Not all sweet treats are bad, try our raw paleo slice which is delicious, made with wholesome ingredients in a variety of flavours or our fresh fruit skewers. Want a grazing platter that looks and tastes great? Our garden crudité and dips platter is vibrant, fresh and super healthy

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