Brooke Carrington

Brooke has passion for food and people. She has quickly become our go to person for all onsite events. Brooke enjoys a challenge; always giving 110% allows her to ensure her customers are happy throughout all our events.

With 9 years of experience in hospitality and events Brooke has a keen eye for detail and critical thinking. Brooke specializes in being able to systemise and coordinate both the planning processes and operations of our events. She has an eagle eye for detail and is definitely the team’s problem solving machine.

In her down time Brooke enjoys jetting off to far away destinations, immersing herself in foreign cultures & tasting all of the exotic food on offer. One of her favorite places traveled to so far is Dubai. When she is not working you can often find her at her local coffee shop with her two dogs, soaking up Australia’s beautiful sun and coffee culture.

Favourite items on our menu are: gluten free coconut bliss balls and prawn gow ghee