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There is no perfect way to plan a party – but this Party Planning Checklist might take some of the pressure off!

April 19th, 2011

What to think about first

  • Create a party folder. (Put all of your ideas and research in here)
  • Determine the type of party (casual, formal, themed, elegant etc.)
  • Set a date and time
  • Check with key friends and family if the date selected is suitable.
  • Determine an affordable budget.
  • Make a guest list – Remember to consider your budget.
  • Choose your location and make a booking and obtain public permit if required (at home, a venue or public arena)
  • Decide if you want finger foods, buffet, feasting station, sit down dining, BBQ or other. Don’t forget the cake if required.
  • Determine what beverages you will supple and will you require glassware hire, ice tubs and ice.
  • Lemonade Stall

  • Will you require staff to assist with set up, food and beverage service + clean up.
  • Work with the caterer to ensure your menu suits your needs, budget, and taste and suits the theme of the party and its location.
  • Before finalising your caterer ensure that they are Gold License accredited and offer a guarantee of their services and products.
  • When you are confident that you have the caterer that best suits your party, pay a deposit and lock in the date.
  • Book entertainment – DJ, Band, magician, Palm Readers etc.
  • Book hire – Glassware, Tables, Chairs, Heaters, Linen (Remember, your caterer can probably save you money by booking this through them)
  • Consider decorations, flowers and theming (once again, your caterer may also manage events and assist you with this)
  • Determine a RSVP date. This date should be approx. 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Organise your invitations and include a map if the location is tricky. Make the RSVP date a week before you actually require it.
  • Contact any friends or family that you want to help with the party.
  • Contingency Plan – If outdoors, have a plan B for inclement weather.

One or Two Weeks Before

·         Confirm all your contractors e.g. – Caterer, entertainment, hire etc.

·         Work out your outfit for the party. You will have no time on the day to think about this.

·         Finalise the space and any decorations you may need to purchase.

·         Go shopping for all your small items like candles, extra toilet paper, Thankyou Cards etc.

·         Finalise your music if you are not hiring a DJ etc.

·         Follow up the guests who are yet to RSVP.

·         Let your caterer know final numbers and make your final payment.

·         Purchase your beverages if your caterer is not supplying them.

A few Days Prior

·         Clean the house so that on the day you just need to spot clean. Don’t forget to do the outside.

·         Charge your camera and video recorder.

·         Make room in the fridge for the caterer.

·         Think about if you wish to make a speech.

·         Organise any late night snacks, coffee etc. for those that party into the wee hours.

The day before

·         Spot Clean.’

·         Determine an area for any smokers and don’t forget the ashtrays.

·         Clearly sign the bathrooms and stock them with toilet paper.

·         Make sure you have taxi service numbers on hand.

·         Begin decorating and setting up if possible

Tied Towels

The big Day!

·         Spot clean one last time.

·         Pick up ice.

·         Ensure your kitchen bin is empty.

·         Finalise last of decorations and set up.

·         Relax and Enjoy yourself!

A day or two after

·         Send Thank you notes.

·         Create a photo album dedicated to that day.

·         Email some photos to guests and relatives.

·         Return any borrowed or hired party supplies.